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Hetaween 2013

A Halloween event by Himaruya Hidekaz for his series Axis Powers Hetalia.
It focuses on a Halloween event in a comic story, drawn requests and other artwork on the side.

【 TIME IN JAPAN 】image Tokyo

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a little thank you gift for hetaliahalloween’s mod XD Thanks for making this event a very enjoyable one! Sorry it’s so messy though ;w;

It looks lovely - not messy at all!! Thank you so much ;;w;; <3!!!

Oh gosh!! Thank you to everyone who sent in those lovely messages!!

Though I’d feel bad if I kept on posting them and spamming up the blog “orz So from now on I’l l do my best to reply to them privately! And if it’s on Anon, I’ll be sure to read it but I will not publish it up. From now on I’ll stick to just publishing questions related to the event and such ;u;

But thank you so much for taking the time to do so!!
It is much appreciated and it makes me really happy to know that this blog has been useful and helped you enjoy the event!

  Anonymous said:

The possibility isn’t that high… But as fans, we can hold onto hopes that they will in future. Who knows for sure, right?
I mean no one expected Nyotalia but that’s what they’re animating next ;u;!!